1/4 female Water Solenoid Valve 0.2-10 Bar Latching 6volt 3105BB

Brand: RPE srl

Model: 3105BB

Width 38.50
Height 72.22
Length 65.30

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3105BB Latching Nylon solenoid valve RPE type R 1/4"BSP female thread water solenoid Valve pressure range 0.2 to 10 Bar with WRAS approval making it ideal for battery control as this latching plastic solenoid valve only requires short (20mSec) low power pulse to open and stay open and a short (20mSec) power pulse in reverse polarity to close and stay closed thus minimising the power required to change state and stay there. Voltage 6vdc, can be used 9vdc and even 12vdc.

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