3/4 180 degree single Solenoid Valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed S180

Brand: RPE srl

Model: S180

Width 38.50
Height 61.00
Length 61.50

£10.80 £17.51
Price Ex Vat: £9.00

65 in stock


Cold Water inlet Solenoid Valve for washing machine, dishwasher or any water appliance with inlet 3/4BSP male to single outlet at 180º straight with 10mm or 12mm hose barb. This solenoid Valve has WRC approval is 2/2 way Normally Closed with Nylon body, 0.2 to 10 Bar rated with faston electrical tags all voltages from 12 volt to 240 volt AC or DC.
Series S180 3/4 to 10/12mm WRC Approved 2/2 N/Closed Nylon 0.2 - 10 Bar pressure assisted RPE Water Solenoid Valve. The RPE plastic solenoid valve S180 series single 180º inlet to outlet Ideal for most domestic and commercial water appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, drinking water dispensers and most other automated water control systems. Standard 3/4 BSP appliance hose fits directly onto the 3/4 BSP female thread with a 104F 10.5mm or 120F 12.5mm hose tail to fit into most water appliance rubber hoses of similar size.

Equivalent To

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eki solenoid valve
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Freye 2015 and 2016
Gala washing machine 1011P, 1019P, 1025A, 1025P, 1025W, 1051A, 1051P, 1051W, 1061N, 1061P, 1063N, 1063P, 1151A, 1151P, 1151W, 1161N, 1161P, 1162N, 1162P
General electric washing machine 9535PG, 9538PG, 9545PG, 9935PG, W76PP, W86PP, WM10PM, WM62PC, WM63PS, WM64PK, WRH7505TWW, WWA7300, WWA7500, WWA7503, WWC7602VWW, WWC8602VWW, WWC8802TWW, WWC8802TWW, WWC8806TWW, WWH5502TWW, WWH5506TWW, WWH5508TWW, WWH5602VWW, WWH6502TWW, WWH6504TWW, WWH6506TWW, WWH6508TWW, WWH6602VWW, WWH6604VWW, WWH7302, WWH7502, WWH7502TWW, WWH7503, WWH7503TWW, WWH7504TWW, WWH7506TWW, WWH7508TWW, WWH7602VWW, WWH7603VWW, WWH7604VWW, WWH8502SWW, WWH8502TWW, WWH8502TWW, WWH8504TWW, WWH8504TWW, WWH8505TWW, WWH8506TWW, WWH8508TWW, WWH8602VWW, WWH9502TWW
Halcyon ICE60 Ice Machine, Halcyon Amika 6XL MH100380
Goyen ST2-6-V
Hilta part no: ELVA1V
Hobart inlet valve AMX16, AM900, AMXX, GX70N, CHH50D, hobart ecomax water inlet solenoid, HOBART 883658-1 DISHWASHER WATER INLET SOLENOID VALVE
Hobart steamer 104G, 204G, 304G, 2227
Hobart water boiler 8GS3-10
Hoover 31138167, 31093008, 31093529, 31089006, 31046527, 31046626, 31053507,LB HV 16 7,LB HV 16 UK, LB ECO1000UK, LBAQUA1000ES, LB ACTIVA 60, LBALIS1000ES, LB ALISE'100, WDALIS1200ES, 37613270, 37601101, 37613437,LB A0125001, LB A8754001, LB WN149001, A0093 001, A0095 001, A0113 001, A0115 001, A0123 001, A0125 001, A1080, A1081, A1100, A1101, A1105 001, A1106 001, A1110, A1111, A1112, A1113 001, A1115 001, A1116 001, A1120, A1121, A1123 001, A1125 001, A1126 001, A1130 001, A1137 103, A2100, A2101, A2110 004, A2120 001, A2121, A2130 001, A2135 001, A2136 001, A2139 001, A2140, A2141, A2142 001, A2146 001, A2149 001, A2150, A2152 001, A2153, A2155 001, A2156 001, A2159 001, A3576, A3582, A3588, A8604, A8606, A8608, A8610, A8612, A8612 135, A8614, A8754 001, A8756, A8758 001, AC336, AC338, WN143 001, WN145 001, WN146 001, WN149 001, WS115 001
Hoshisaki Ice Machine IM21CLE, IM30CLE, IM-130ME, IM100LE, IM130, IM130ME, IM240AME, IM45CLE, hoshizaki
Hotpoint washing machine valve for 1450, RS149029, 1824, 1827, 1828/01, 1828/02, 1828/07, 18331, 18331/9, 18340, 18361, 18370, 18371, 18380, 18381, 1842, 1848, 1850, 1851, 1851/03, 1852, 18580, 18680, 18780, 18871, 18872, 18873, 18880, 6200B, 6200P, 9506W, 9510A, 9510W, 9511W, 9512W, 95130, 95132, 9513W, 9514A, 9514W, 9515A, 9515W, 9516A, 9516P, 9516W, 9517P, 9517W, 9518P, 9518W, 9519W, 9520A, 9520W, 9524A, 9524W, 9525A, 9525W, 9526A, 9526P, 9526W, 9527A, 9527P, 9527W, 9528A, 9528P, 9528W, 9529A, 9529P, 9529W, 9530A, 9530W, 9531W, 9533P, 9533W, 9534A, 9534P, 9534W, 9535A, 9535P, 9535W, 95360, 95362, 9536A, 9536P, 9536PX, 9536W, 9536WX, 9537A, 9537P, 9537W, 9538A, 9538P, 9538W, 9539A, 9539P, 9539W, 9540A, 9540P, 9540W, 9544A, 9544P, 9544W, 95450, 95452, 9545A, 9545P, 9545PE, 9545W, 9546A, 9546P, 9546W, 95470, 95472, 95490, 95492, 9549A, 9549P, 9549W, 9550A, 9550W, 9551A, 9551W, 9554A, 9554P, 9554W, 9555A, 9555P, 9555W, 9556A, 9556P, 9556W, 9559A, 9559P, 9559W, 9560A, 9560P, 9560W, 9561A, 9561P, 9561W, 95620, 95622, 9564A, 9564P, 9564W, 9565A, 9565P, 9565W, 9566A, 9566P, 9566PE, 9566W, 9567A, 9567P, 9567PX, 9567W, 9569A, 9569P, 9569W, 9570W, 9571A, 9572W, 9573W, 9574P, 9574W, 9575W, 9576W, 9577A, 9577P, 9577W, 9578P, 95840, 95842, 9585B, 9585P, 9586B, 9586P, 9589B, 9589P, 9770P, 9773P, 9774P, 9775A, 9775W, 9776A, 9776P, 9777P, 9900A, 9900W, 9901A, 9901P, 9901W, 9912P, 9912W, 9916P, 9916W, 9920A, 9920W, 9924A, 9924W, 9925A, 9925P, 9925W, 9926A, 9926P, 9926W, 9928A, 9928P, 9928W, 9934A, 9934P, 9934W, 9935A, 9935P, 9935W, 9936A, 9936P, 9936W, 9938A, 9938P, 9938W, 9945A, 9945P, 9945W, 9946A, 9946P, 9946W, 9949A, 9949P, 9949W, 9970A, 9970W, 9971A, 9971W, 9972A, 9972P, 9972W, 9985B, 9985P, 9986B, 9986P, 9989B, 9989P, WD21P, WD22A, WD22P, WD22W, WD23A, WD23P, WD23W, WD31A, WD31P, WD31W, WD32A, WD32P, WD32W, WD41A, WD41P, WD41W, WD42B, WD42P, WD43A, WD43P, WD43W, WD51A, WD51P, WD51W, WD52P, WD61H, WD61N, WD61P, WD61S, WD61T, WD61U, WD61X, WD62N, WD62P, WD62S, WD62X, WD63N, WD63P, WD63S, WD64N, WD64P, WD64S, WD71N, WD71P, WD71S, WD71X, WD71YS, WD72N, WD72P, WD72S, WDM73A, WM11P, WM11W, WM12A, WM12P, WM12W, WM13A, WM13P, WM13W, WM14A, WM14P, WM14W, WM19P, WM20A, WM20P, WM20W, WM21P, WM21W, WM22A, WM22P, WM22W, WM23A, WM23P, WM23W, WM24A, WM24P, WM24W, WM25A, WM25P, WM25W, WM26A, WM26P, WM26W, WM29P, WM31A, WM31P, WM31W, WM32A, WM32P, WM32W, WM33A, WM33P, WM33W, WM34A, WM34P, WM34W, WM35A, WM35P, WM35W, WM36A, WM36P, WM36W, WM38P, WM41A, WM41P, WM41W, WM42B, WM42P, WM43A, WM43P, WM43W, WM51A, WM51P, WM51W, WM52A, WM52P, WM52W, WM53A, WM53P, WM53W, WM54P, WM55P, WM56P, WM60P, WM61N, WM61P, WM61X, WM62N, WM62P, WM62X, WM63H, WM63N, WM63P, WM63S, WM63T, WM63U, WM63X, WM64N, WM64P, WM64X, WM65S, WM66P, WM67P, WM68P, WM69P, WM71N, WM71P, WM71X, WM72N, WM72P, WM72X, WM73N, WM73P, WM73X, WM74N, WM74P, WM74S, WM75N, WM75P, WM75S, WM76N, WM76P, WM76S, WM77P, WM79P, WM80P, WM81P, WM82P, WM83P
Icematic Straight through water inlet solenoid valve N20L, Polar CM20, ISEEU065MA
Indesit washing machine 092B1G, 093B1G, 097A0G, 099A0G, 099B1G, 099C2G, 100A0G, 101A0G, 103AOG, 145, 2093, 2099AOG, 2099B, 2100B, 2101AOG, 2101B, 2103AOG, 2103B, 2103W, 2107, 2121, 2252E, 2253E, 2254E, 2255E, 2256E, 2258E, 2448M5G, 2449, 2450M5G, 2500, 267EHIRUNDO, 267HIRUNDO, 269HIRUNDO, 270HIRUNDO, 448M5G, 450M5G, CLASSIC2000, D371B, D372B, EXCL1100, EXCL800, L10LGB, L6SGB, L6SGBT, L6SGBV, L7LGB, MISSIG, W1030B, W1032BR, W1034BG, W1035WG, W1037BQ, W1130G, W1131U, W1150WG, W1230B, W1231WG, W1232WR, W1234WC, W1237BQ, W410G, W610G, W620G, W810BG, W820B, W822R, W823G, W824B, W825WG, W827BQ, W850BGEX, W855WG, W930U, WD1000WGEXEC, WD1001BG, WD1005WG, WD1009WR, WD1109WR, WD921WR, WD922BG, WD925BGEXEC, WDG1095GH(G), WDG1095WG, WDG1195WG, WDG1195WG/1, WDG1295WG, WDG985BG, WDG985WG, WDN1079WG, WDN2190BG, WDN2190WG, WDN2191WR, WDN2196WG, WDN960BG, WDN960WG, WDN962WR, WDN966BG, WDN966WG, WDS1000UK, WG1030G, WG1033TG, WG1034TG, WG1085WG, WG1086G, WG1130TG, WG1185BG, WG1185WG, WG1185WG/1, WG1230(GF)G, WG1230G, WG1230TGFG, WG1233TG, WG1234TG, WG1239TSG, WG1285WG, WG1286G, WG1286SG, WG12G, WG1385WG, WG1386W(G), WG1430TG, WG1432GUK, WG1436T(G), WG2020WG, WMS1200TXUK, WN1060WG, WN1060WG/1, WN1060WG/2, WN1061WR, WN1062WR, WN1063WG, WN1069WG, WN1072WR/2, WN1080WG, WN1090BG, WN1090BG/1, WN1090WG, WN1090WG1, WN1095WG, WN1095WG1, WN1096BG, WN1096WG, WN1190BG, WN1190BG1, WN1190WG, WN1190WG1, WN1191BR, WN1191WR, WN1196BG, WN1196WG, WN1263WG, WN1290BG, WN1290WG, WN1290WG1, WN1291WR, WN1296WG, WN1299WG, WN610WR, WN850WG, WN860BG, WN860BG1, WN860WG, WN860WG1, WN862WG, WN865WG, WN865WG1, WN961BR, WN961WR, WN961WR1
Instanta water boiler CT series, CT200, CT300, CT4000-3, CT6000-6, CT6000-9, WA15-3, WAS, WB200, WM15, WM3, WM7
invacare macerator inlet solenoid valve
invensys vai 4920
Jackson washing machine 27301, 27302, 273030000L, 273040000L, 27401, 27402, 274030000L, 274040000L, 274050000Q, 274060000Q, J1000, J1200D
Jackson JJ3 water boiler
Kronus dishwasher 075S
Krupps Koral 208DB
Lainox Combi Oven solenoid valve fits models MG101M, HME101P, VG102D, ME061M, ME061D, ME101M
Lamber Newscan dishwasher L25, NSP1200, F85, NS505, DSP50
Lotus dish / glass washer MS905
Magnetventil 1-fach gerade 230V Eingang 3/4" DN10
Maidaid glasswasher, C40, Dc1000, DC40, Z42, C510
Maidaid and Madiaid Halcyon dishwasher, D18E, D50, LB40, LTB11, C50D, ASC37561
Maidaid ice maker, M130-65A
Marco Aquarius 15, Aquarius 45, WMT5
Mareno SVC G12
Masterfrost, Castlemac, Scotsman Ice Machines C600, MCM15A, ACM125, Ac175, Ac225, ACM105AS-E, E35, F40, F60, F85, IT120, IT66, IT66e, MCM15A, MV450, MV600, N70, N70S, N905, N90S, Q20, Q30, Q40, Q50, Q60, SC210, SC70, SV135, SV215, SV315
Meiko Ecostar dishwasher 530F, 530FMAF, ES545D, 1PBD, 2PBD, ECOSTAR530FM, ES545D, OPTIFRESH2, OPTIFRESH3, OPTIFRESH4
Mieko dishwasher Ecostar 530, Eco Star 545D, ES545D,
Microboil, Premier and Standard Models
New world washing machine 016625, HLE19002BR, HLE19003WH, SG12TXUK
Olis dishwasher double water solenoid valve OLTH12
Omniwash/IME part number CEEV1, CEEV124, UNISOLV24/1, UNISOLV240/1, UNISOLV24/1-5, UNISOLV24/1-10, UNISOLV240/1-5, UNISOLV240/1-10
Parry / Norpe Ice Machine PIM25, N50A
Porkka Ice machine KL51
Prolite boiler LD203, EZT400, EZT700
Robert Shaw 3120626
Scholtes washing machine KCD12TUK(M)., KCD12TUK(W)., MLI1200-240V, MLI1200W240V, MLS1200-240, MLS1200W-240
Scotsman & QuasarIce Machine N20L, M20L, Q130C, GNG60, AC106, ICEEU065, KL132, N100, N12S, N150, N20, N30, N40, N50, N55, N55BI, N65, N75, N80, Q130C, SCN25AS
Sherwood compact dishwasher COMPACT model
Silanos & Komel Dishwasher DC070A, DC1000, K8034DGT, SXD50AD
Simig ice machine models AC175, C400, CP120, CP70, F40, F60, F85, IT120, IT66, IT66E, KL151, MV450, MV600, N20, N20L, N25e, N35s, N45s, N55s, N70, N90s, Q130C, Q20, Q30, Q40, Q50, Q60, Q90, Sc210, SC70, SV215, SV315, SC120AS, EC175, SC120AS
Smeg washing machine AWF592, AWG329, AWG345, AWG345/4, AWG349/3, AWG349/4, BWD20, BWM20, G2PWD2/WH, G2PWD3/WH, IW160D, IW160V, NZ5012, NZLS12, WD16BA, WDI1211, WDI1212, WM16AAA, WMI1011, WMI1012, WTI910, WTI910/1, WTI910/4
SAWO STP Steam Generators STP60C 1/3 and STP90C 1/3
Tecma Easy Fit, Tecma Silence, Tecma Silence Plus and MasterFlush 8800
Universal 351
Whirlpool washing machine AWG329, B6-4b part number 34001131, replaces 1067873, AH2037098, DC62-30314H, EA2037098, PS2037098. whirlpool brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, Kitchaid,Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef,Admiral, Norge, Norge, Roper, Samsung and for other brands Sears and Kenmore.
Winterhalter dishwasher GS501, GS200, GS28, GS29, GS300, GS402, GS501, GS502, GS515
Other alternative part numbers: 09074774, C00161387, 813050082, 5045173364127, SMG813050082, VAL894, QUAVAL02, HPTC00161387, 71-UN-57, CAN09074774, MDAC00161387, UN7158, 092578, C00161387, MDA092578, MDAC00161387, 71-HP-12, VAL894, 5031682144404, HPTC00161387, QUAVAL02, HVR09021742, HVR09074774, 5031681702964, 71-HV-01, CAN09074774
Universal Water Boiler Inlet Solenoid Valve, Will Fit Lincat EB3
solenid valve inlet 1502190
Eltek 370750

User Reviews

Spring on Dec 13, 2016

Thank you, part arrived next day in post as promised, fitted and working perfectly. Thank you. Spring.

Wells on Dec 6, 2016

Excellent service, arrived quickly and as expected with VAT invoice too. Better valve quality than the one previously fitted. A+++ recommended. Thanks. Jason.

Geoff on Aug 16, 2016

Really nice water solenoid valve, far better than original fitted to machine. To be honest I keep coming back for these as I visit loads of people with dodgy washing machines, dish washers and fridge freezers. I know yours is a few pennies more but to be honest they work, look right and don't fail like the ones I was buying else where. I am not keen on re-visitng angry customers to replace cheap crappy valves. I'll get round to calling you again and open an account - when I remember and have time. Thanks a million, really appreciate the service and the delivery time notifications too. Geoff GLY. A+++ Recommended.

Omri on Feb 9, 2016

Basically not happy. Valve arrived smashed had to wait another day before getting another one. Suggest you BOX the next one to prevent courier service from driving over it. Sorry to hear you had problems, we do our best to help but every once and a while something somewhere will unfortunately become either lost or damaged. We refunded you payment as a gesture of good will. Hope you washing machine is up and working correctly now.

Ben on Aug 4, 2014

This plastic solenoid valve arrived next day!! Excellent thanks a million. My washing machine is back up and working perfectly. Great price great delivery. Thanks Guys.A+++ transaction.