1/4 Brass Solenoid Valve 0-150 Bar 2/2 Normally Closed 1.2-5mm


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Brand: CS Fluid Power

Model: AD8000

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1/4 inch Miniature brass solenoid valve CS Fluid Power AD8000.
Function: 2/2 way normally closed
Operation: direct acting
Port: 1/4 BSP standard, option NPT or Rc thread.
Pressure: 0 to 150 Bar (depending on orifice and coil power level)
Vacuum: Torr 10-6 Max
Body: Brass
Internals: stainless steel
Orifice: 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm
Kv flow factor: 1 to 9.15 according to orifice, based on water with 1 Bar pressure drop.
Seals: FKM standard, option EPDM, NBR, Silicone, PTFE, VST, Neoprene, ECO, HNBR or Hypalon. (PTFE must be used for pressures over 30 Bar).
Media: air, water, light oils, vacuum, and most other non corrosive fluids under 50CST and gases that are compatible with materials of construction.
Coil: WPG1 12 watt UL, CSA, CE, IP67 Class H 100% duty rated DIN43650A
Coil: WPG2 18 Watt UL, CSA, CE and IP67 Class H 100% duty rated
Coil option: WPA3C 14.3 to 27.5 Watt (according to voltage) IP54 Class H with 30cm flying lead wires 100% duty rated.
Coil option available AD80**: ATEX EExmIIT4 Temperature Class T4 T130°C Ex mb IIC T4 and Gb Ex mb tb IIIC T130°C Db for hazardous area 21 and 22 Pressure same as 12 Watt WPG1 coil
Voltages: 12vDC, 24vDC, 48vDC or 24vAC, 48vAC, 110vAC or 230vAC.
Other options: Manual Over Ride and other custom made options.

Technical Specification

Brand: CS Fluid Power

Model: AD8000

Width: 19.00 mm

Height: 85.00 mm

Depth: 41.00 mm

Weight: 1.00 kg

Valve / Product Type: Solenoid

Body Material: Brass

Voltage: 110vAC, 12vDC, 230VAC, 24vAC, 24vDC, 48vAC, 48vDC

Port Size: 1/4 Inch

Function: 2/2 Normally Closed

Operation: Direct Acting

Seals: EPDM, HNBR, NBR, PTFE (Teflon), FKM (Viton), Silicone, ECO, Hypalon

Approvals: ATEX Zone II GD, ATEX Exm, IP54, IP65, CSA, UL

Media: Air, Fluid >50cSt (Non Aggressive), Gases (Non Aggressive), Oils + Fuels >50cSt Max, Vacuum (High), Vacuum (Low), Vacuum (Medium), Water

Options required: Manual Override, Mounting Holes

Orifice: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm

Pressure Maximum: 0.02 Bar (20 mBar), 0.1 Bar (100 mBar), 0.2 Bar (200 mBar), 0.3 Bar (300 mBar), 0.4 Bar (400 mBar), 0.5 Bar (500 mBar), 0.6 Bar (600 mbar), 0.7 Bar (700 mBar), 0.8 Bar (800 mBar), 1 Bar, 1.2 Bar, 1.3 Bar, 1.4 Bar, 1.5 Bar, 1.6 Bar, 2 Bar, 2.5 Bar, 3 Bar, 3.5 Bar, 4 Bar, 4.5 Bar, 5 Bar, 5.5 Bar, 6 Bar, 6.5 Bar, 7 Bar, 7.5 Bar, 8 Bar, 8.5 Bar, 9 Bar, 10 Bar, 12 Bar, 13 Bar, 14 Bar, 15 Bar, 16 Bar, 17 Bar, 18 Bar, 20 Bar, 25 Bar, 30 Bar, 35 Bar, 40 Bar, 50 Bar, 60 Bar, 64 Bar, 70 Bar, 80 Bar, 90 Bar, 100 Bar, 120 Bar, 130 Bar, 135 Bar, 140 Bar, 150 Bar


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Stephen G


Good morning team I hope you can help with a little advice I have attached a picture of a “MODEL AD-8230-C-V3-24VAC-G” that has given sterling service on a rig we use for over 10 years but is now overheating and making odd humming sounds and so needs to be replaced. The rig it works on uses an identical solenoid to allow compressed air to pass at up to 20 bar where it puts components under pressure then release the air using the solenoid pictured and repeats this for up to 1500 cycles in a session.

Reviewed on 25/03/2021