Nass Magnet

Nass Magnet  - Company Structure

Nass Magnet enterprises are privately held by the Kirchheim group, Office: Hannover/Germany

One of the worldwide leaders in its field: around 300 employees are involved in the development and production of electromagnetic pilot control units, valves for various applications (e.g. air, neutral gas, liquids) as well as electromagnetic actuators for mobile applications.

Management: Klaus H. Kirchheim (Head), Patrick Oelkers (technical)

Sales tax identification number: DE811276327

Nass Magnet Hungária Kft.

Office: Veszprém/Ungarn

One of the leading manufacturers of connectors in accordance to DIN 175301-803 A/B/C/Micro. In addition to that magnetic coils for valve systems and several hardware modules for the Kirchheim group are being produced by around 350 employees in this Hungarian factory.

Management: Klaus H. Kirchheim (President), Nils-Patrick Müller (commercial), Patrick Oelkers (technical)

Sales tax identification number: HU13315328

Nass Controls

Office: New Baltimore/Michigan/USA

Manufacturer for North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. A complete range of Nass group products are assembled and evaluated. The range of products and services are completed with the production of market-specific variations along with value added modifications. The number of employees ranges from 10 to 15.

Management: Randy Bennett (President), Klaus H. Kirchheim (Vice President)

Nass Magnet Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.

Office: Shanghai/China

With the foundation of Nass Magnet Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. in the year 2013 the group of companies responded to the continuously increasing demand from China and Taiwan for high-quality electromagnetic components from Europe. The company is a pure trading company without own production.Chinese employees give competent advice in native language and provide for a quick availability of the required products from stock.

Management: Karsten Langer

The Kirchheim group is an innovative, customer-oriented company!

The Kirchheim group is a leading international supplier of magnetic valves and electromagnetic solutions. It is their goal and the benefit of our customers, employees and owners to ensure the economic success of the company in the long term.

Contribution to success is dedication!

Being aware that their work is an important contribution to the success of the Kirchheim group and taking the highest level of responsibility for all clients, for thier business and for all colleagues.

Nass Magnet are the secret of their success!

Together they will face challenges and meet those challenges with creativity and flexibility with the willingness to change based on a life time of learning.Look into the future.

Early Days

March 1925: Foundation of a repair shop for precision mechanics and repairs of photographs by Wilhelm Nass in Hannover-Linden.

25th November 1925: Foundation of Concordia Maschinen & Elektrizitäts GmbH in Stuttgart by engineer August Hofmann. As early as 1932, the Stuttgart create a line of production for solenoid valves and pneumatic control devices.

Solenoids from Nass

1943: Due to the war Nass relocates production to Freden near the Harz Mountains.

1948 to 1950: Nass is back to Hannover (Südstadt) and produces first electro solenoids.Darning Nylon Stockings

1953 till 1957: The runner from Nass: Machines for darning stockings with pneumatic actuation of the needle.


1957: Nass moves to Eckenerstraße 6 in the north of Hannover – till today the headquarters of the company group as well as of nass magnet GmbH.Concordia is GrowingAugust

1959: Concordia in Stuttgart has developed to a specialized factory for electrical engineering and automation, has about 1,000 employees, disposes nationwide of engineering offices.

1960: Nass has 250 employees.

The Modular Principle

1960 till 1969: Nass establishes standards on the basis of the modular principle. For the interface between pneumatic and electronic controls modular systems like System 18, 16 and 12 were launched as well as first solenoid operators.

Nass Magnet

1st January 1978: Absorption of the company Wilhelm Nass (factory for solenoids) by Holding Hofmann + Kirchheim KG, Stuttgart, and change of name to Nass Magnet GmbH.

Global Player

Nass Magnet (later: nass magnet) grows and establishes itself worldwide.

–    With new modular series like System 8, 13 and 6.

–    With new companies in the USA (New Baltimore, 1988), in Hungary (Veszprém, 1996) and in China (Shanghai, 2013).

–    B2B-Onlineshop Nass Magnet (2st March 2016).

Project Business

Miniaturisation and projects: High-performance valves in miniature format and the project business have been strong factors since the end of the 1990s with growing importance to present times and to the future.

Innovation by Nass Magnet

After about 90 years of the company’s history the high-tech solutions from Nass Magnet are more in demand than ever for very different applications.

Your Chance to Join the Nass Magnet Team

Nass magnet is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electromagnetic servo controls and valves. The majority of our products is being developed and manufactured in their own facilities. Team work and personal responsibility are key aspects of our everyday work.

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