Z Tide NBR + Viton seal kit for BFE BFR BFS BFL BFF


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Brand: Z-Tide Valves

Model: KITBF

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Z Tide BF series seal kit, Controller Gasket, Gasket Pin and Bolts or full seal kit for all Z Tide pilot cylindrical valves

BF-NBR-Gasket: External controller NBR gasket only, fits all types + sizes. (In Stock)

KITBF-Gasket-PIN-Bolts: External controller gasket, bolts + locating pin, fits all types + sizes.

Full BF Gasket Set: external controller gasket / pin + bolts and all BF seals such as Piston U Ring seal, Cylinder + Bolt O Rings, Main Seat Seal, option NBR or Viton according to valve size.

All of the above will fits all Z Tide BF Series Cast Iron, Ductile Iron + Stainless Steel BFE, BFR, BFS and BFL valve bodies as below.

BF-E Electric series solenoid valve
BF-R pressure Reducing valve
BF-S pressure Sustaining valve
BF-L pressure Limiting valve (pressure relief)
BF-F pilot Float valve

Suitable for valves sizes DN50 to DN200, for sizes above DN250 to DN1000 please ask.
Full seal kits are normally order in, Gaskets + Gaskets with pin + screws are normally stock items.

Technical Specification

Brand: Z-Tide Valves

Model: KITBF

Width: 50.00 mm

Height: 1.00 mm

Depth: 50.00 mm

Weight: 0.10 kg

Body Material: Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel

Port Size: 2 inch Flange DN50, 21/2 inch Flange DN65 , 3 inch Flange DN80 , 4 inch Flange DN100 , 5 inch Flange DN125 , 6 inch Flange DN150 , 8 inch Flange DN200 , 10 inch Flange DN250, 12 inch Flange DN300 , 14 inch Flange DN350 , 16 inch Flange DN400 , 18 inch Flange DN450 , 20 inch Flange DN500

Operation: Pressure Assisted

Pressure Maximum: 0.7 Bar (700 mBar), 0.8 Bar (800 mBar), 1 Bar, 1.2 Bar, 1.3 Bar, 1.4 Bar, 1.5 Bar, 1.6 Bar, 2 Bar, 2.5 Bar, 3 Bar, 3.5 Bar, 4 Bar, 4.5 Bar, 5 Bar, 5.5 Bar, 6 Bar, 6.5 Bar, 7 Bar, 7.5 Bar, 8 Bar, 8.5 Bar, 9 Bar, 10 Bar, 12 Bar, 13 Bar, 14 Bar, 15 Bar, 16 Bar, 17 Bar, 18 Bar, 20 Bar

Seals: NBR, FKM (Viton)

Media: Fluid >50cSt (Non Aggressive), Fluid >50cSt (Slight Acid/Alkali), Oils + Fuels >50cSt Max, Water, Water (RO/Pure/Demin)

Orifice: 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm

Spare Parts: Seals

Valve / Product Type: Pressure Reducing, Pressure Relief, Pressure Sustaining, Solenoid