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Proof of closure switch for VMR/EVRM Gas Valve PCS

Brand: Elektrogas

Model: PCS

Width 70.00
Height 40.00
Length 240.00

£59.47 £122.88
Price Ex Vat: £49.56

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Closed position feed back switch to suit Elektrogas Gas Solenoid Valve series VMR (auto reset) and EVRM (manual reset).

Media: air and natural gas
Pressure: VMR 500 mBar , EVRM 600 mBar Max
Protection: IP54

Resistive 250vAC 2 Amp, 120vAC 3A or 30vDC 3A max.
Inductive / Lamp 250vAC 0.3A, 120vAC 0.5A or 30vDC 1A

Options to choose:
PCS3 suits VMR/EVRM 3/4 +1" BSP
PCS4 suits VMR/EVRM 11/4 + 11/2 BSP
PCS6 suits VMR/EVRM 2" BSP
PCS8 suits VMR/EVRM 21/2 + 3" PN16 flange
PCS9 suits VMR/EVRM 4" PN16 flange
PCS95 suits VMR/EVRM 5 + 6" PN16 flange
PCS98 suits EVRM 8" PN16 flange
PCS910 suits EVRM 10" PN16 flange
PCS912 suits EVRM 12" PN16 flange

The PCS is a mechanically activated switch for monitoring the position of the gas valve plate.
This safety device can be fitted to the Elektrogas valves provided with a G1/8 threaded hole. This connection is standard for all our stocked valves DN20 upwards (240vAC only). Typically this is a special option available upon request for models DN50 or smaller.

Special ATEX (X), Biogas (J) and 6 Bar (6PCS) options available upon request.

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