Solenoid valve commissioning permanent magnet for 10mm,15mm, 18mm Bore

Brand: Connexion

Model: Magnet

Width 41.00
Height 42.50
Length 39.00

£19.80 £59.90
Price Ex Vat: £16.50

100 in stock


Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet tool SVOM
Bore sizes: 10mm, 15 or 18mm
Magnetic strength: 1500 Gauss flux density in total (1.5Kg pull force). The unit consists of 3 separate magnets
Encapsulation: strong ABS corrosion resistant case
Magnetic stability: high stability, minimal demagnetisation effect with exposure to external magnetic fields
Temperature: +250°C Max

Pocket sized solenoid valve commissioning / operating permanent magnet for manual operation, checking, testing or manual over ride for most solenoid operated valves. This magnet replaces the solenoid valve coil and operates the solenoid valve without electrical power. Can be used as a solenoid manual over ride converting the valve to a manually operation when placed on a solenoid valve stem (with solenoid coil removed) causing the solenoid valve to move into the energised position. A must have for any maintenance engineer.

++Buy a set of 3 Solenoid Valve Testers for only £15 each (£54 including VAT + UK Next Day Delivery.)++

Make sure you order a magnet either the same bore size or bigger than the solenoid coil core or bore size it replaces.

Keep away from heart pacemakers and magnetically stored data (computer discs, credit cards, audio and visual computer tapes) as stored data can be corrupted even by relatively week magnetic fields and some equipment can be damaged by stronger fields.
Ensure electrical power is switched off before removing solenoid coil, place magnet over valve stem, you will hear a click which is the solenoid valve moving into the energised position.

User Reviews

John on Sep 29, 2023

Fast delivery easy to order great price and finally someone who stocks these magnets and has some knowledge. A++ what else can I say - well done and thanks.

Malcolm on May 30, 2018

Took some working out but yes you buy a set of 3 and save an additional £6.00. Nice to have free shipping too, other suppliers are more expensive and then charge £12.00 for delivery + VAT!!. They are obviously buying from you and pocketing the freight charge too!!

Bartlett on May 23, 2018

best online price, fast next day delivery. Dont know how you do it, I assume you are the main UK agent. Thanks.Bartlett

Sarah A on Apr 9, 2018

Excellent service, we buy these regularly as our engineers loose them, but have noticed these last longer as they are better than the ones we bought elsewhere. So its good news for us. If I need more will be back for sure. PS I like the special offer for all 3, nice touch and free next working day carrier delivery too. S Adkins.

Neil on Mar 21, 2018

Nice price, quick delivery, well packaged and nice colours too. Best online price I could find and you included courier delivery. Nice to know I actually found the right supplier. If I need more (when the guys loose these) I'll be back as they say. Thanks again. Neil.

Sophia on Apr 6, 2017

Thank you for good service, I suggest you improve the store pictures as when the magnets arrived they were much better than expected, nice little plastic canister too. Thanks and Kind Regards. Sophia L.

Chris on Dec 13, 2016

Been looking for these all over, no one else seemed to have stock. I like the price and the special deal, but mostly the 24hr delivery and Email notification with live tracking. Brand new Magnets arrived safe and well and in plastic cans as shown, my previous supplier sent me what looked like old stock in poor condition. Excellent service and I would personally recommend this company.

Albrecht.C on Dec 13, 2016

Delivery arrived next day as expected. Thank you.

Fyatt on Dec 12, 2016

Nice simple to find and order store. Magnets arrived next working day, exactly as described. Excellent service. Recommended. Thank you Alice.

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